Sal-Tech Easy Packaging

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging offers a wide range of solutions for simple and reliable packaging of your products. Read More.

Hallbrook Components

Let the staff write down on the board freely,
Serves all customers, dealers and distributors with a range of spare parts, components, features and selections of packaging machines and automation solutions in general. Read More.


Salbaek Technology Group

With more than 20 years in the industry we can help you to set up an optimized solution that fits your needs based on product and demands. Read More.

Easy Strapping Machine

Offers you an extensive series of packaging materials/components, tools, and machines. Always ensuring that there is a unique collection of items at an economical value for your needs. Read More.



The concept is simple, what you see is what you pay, the rest is handled by methods that can be organized so they don’t add cost to the production, distribution and trade process. Read More.

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